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The Advantages of a Wholesale Only Sign Supplier

Park Place is a fabricator for ADA compliant and interior wayfinding signage and sells exclusively on a wholesale basis to sign professionals within our industry. Unlike some other “wholesale” manufacturers, we do not compete with our clients by bidding on projects directly to an end user. Many advantages are gained by our customers because of our approach:
  1. Experience – working with many customers across the nation, Park Place is very familiar with materials and construction methods currently in use. We are able to review project specifications to provide signage that meets the end customer’s specifications and when necessary, provide value added suggestions that lower costs and possibly speed production without compromising the look and functionality of the sign products. Park Place also has a thorough knowledge of ADA sign regulations and can assure that the fabricated signs are ADA compliant. We can also assist with any installation height or mounting location questions to provide a completely code compliant application.
  2. Accurate, competitive quotations, easy to order products and reliable delivery datesIf you’re not successful, we’re not successful. As a wholesale only sign supplier our success is based upon our customers winning project bids. When you provide drawings and specifications for pricing, we will carefully review and provide a quotation that meets the project requirements at a competitive price. When a quotation becomes an order, we again review the project and request any needed information to begin the production process. A firm delivery date is assigned when we receive the final approval to proceed from our customer. Park Place works closely with our customers to provide products when needed to meet scheduled installation dates.
  3. Quality products with extended life warranties – Park Place has many satisfied customers across the country that rely on us for high quality products made correctly. It is our goal as a company to make continual improvements in manufacturing processes to provide the best signs possible. If a problem occurs we will do whatever is necessary to correct the situation and stand behind our products with a full 10 year warranty.


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