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Sign Mounting Heights and Locations

Typical Mounting Location
Whenever possible: latch side of the door.

Mounting Location for Door with Side Glass Panel

When sidelights are present, mount directly to glass with a backer, or on the wall adjacent to the glass.

Mounting Location With Not Enough Room to the Side of the Door

When space is not available to the latch side of the door, mount on the nearest adjacent wall. Maintain an 18″ clear area if the door swings out.

Double Door Mounting Location

For double doors with both active leaves, mount plaque on the wall to the right.

Double Door Mounting Location

For double doors with one active leaf, mount the plaque on the inactive leaf.
ADA signs are wall-mounted next to the appropriate door, on the door handle side of the door, 3″ from the door jamb and 48″ to 60″* from the finished floor to lowest or highest line of sign text.These dimensions are guidelines only and the installer should consult the local building inspector or governing agency before installation. Park Place is not responsible for charges or fines incurred from the incorrect use of these sketches. Please contact Park Place with any questions.


* Minimum mounting height – 48″ above the floor to the lowest line of sign text.
Maximum mounting height – 60″ above the floor to highest line of sign text.

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