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Photopolymers: Transforming Tactile Signage

Signs constructed of photopolymer material provide a very durable form of tactile signage with raised text and braille which is integral to the sign face, offers added resistance in areas where vandalism could be an issue and utilizes many finish options to supply unique, long lasting products.
Bill Baker, President of Park Place Sign Systems, recently discussed photopolymer signage in an article featured in Sign Builders Magazine. Nova photopolymer material is the material of choice for all Park Place photopolymer projects and we are a preferred Nova fabricator. Read more


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  1. I appreciate that you explained how in regions where vandalism may be a problem, signs made of photopolymer material offer increased resilience and braille that is integrated into the sign face. They also use a variety of treatment options to create distinctive, long-lasting products. At my new store, I need to place Braille Tactile Signs to help my customers navigate my shop easily. I’ll make sure to locate a vendor who offers customizable ones.