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Get Creative! Simple ways to add interest to your ADA signs

Many people consider ADA signage to be boring and unimaginative. If you are looking at improving the look of your next project consider these simple ways to add interest to your ADA signs. Make a splash with colorConsider the use of multiple colors within a facility. No one says that all signs within a building must be the same color. Create interest by combining two or more colors to match or accent the décor within a space. Circle Restroom Sign Layer your lookmany sign designs incorporate a single 1/8” or ¼” thick sign face. Add a backplate to the single layer sign face in a larger size or color to create added interest to your sign. Also use a different shape to create a unique appearance. EVS Workroom Regional Manager Sign Use laminate materialsLaminate materials such as Chemetal or Wilsonart can provide the appearance of metal or wood when applied to the surface of a sign’s faceplate or backplate. These laminates can be applied in full coverage or as an accent to provide many different options to your sign’s appearance. Health Room Sign Incorporate standoff hardwareThe use of standoff hardware can add dimension and class to a basic design. Standoff caps and barrels are available in many finishes, diameters and thicknesses to provide a distinctive look to your project. Art Sign Include digital printingNo single method of decoration can have more impact than the use of digital printing. Whether you choose a bold graphic or a subtle accent print, you can easily change a bland, uninspired room sign into a work of art that will be noticeable and useful to visitors within a facility. Through the use of these basic ideas you can create ADA products that add interest to any building. However, remember that the main objective of ADA and directional signage is to aid and assist site-impaired users and other visitors to easily identify interior rooms and navigate a building. All standard ADA regulations must be adhered to including the proper color contrast of the sign text to the sign background, the use of correct text size, and the correct location of the required braille interpretation. If you are looking for new design ideas and solutions to your interior signage issues checkout our photo gallery at We continually update our gallery with new additions. For additional questions regarding these and other fabrication methods please contact your Park Place sales representative.


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  1. I’m delighted you mentioned that using digital printing may have a greater effect than any other single decorative technique. You stated that it is simple to transform a plain, uninspired room sign into a piece of art that will be seen and utilized by guests within a facility, whether you select a strong image or a subdued accent print. Even though I acknowledge that this is gray, I think that signs should be more inclusive, which is why companies should use Braille Tactile Signs that are open to all customers.