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Facility and Workflow Improvements

Park Place wants to support and serve our customers by continually improving the quality of our products, by communicating accurate product ship dates and reducing production lead times. During the past year we have implemented changes and additions to achieve these goals.
These improvements include: – The reorganization of our paint department into two separate mixing stations and separate paint booths to increase our painting capacity. – The addition of a 140 watt, 2′ x 4′ bed size CO2 laser. This machine enables cutting of acrylic materials up to 4 times faster than our existing lasers. It also reduces the capacity demands of our two CNC routers. – The addition of a new sign assembly area that improves our ability to easily assemble sign components into a completed unit, improves our finish quality and adds to the accuracy of our orders. – The reorganization of our fabrication shop to improve the flow of material through production areas to quickly and efficiently complete customer orders. – The addition and utilization of time recording software that enables Park Place to analyze completed orders to insure the accuracy of our job quoting, identification of our most efficient work areas and the ability to recognize processes in need of improvement. – The implementation of a OSHA compliance and company safety program to protect our employees from injury and to assure a safe working environment.