Acrylic vs. Photopolymer Signs – What’s The Difference?

Typically the type of facility a sign is to be used in determines the type of material to be selected for the sign construction. Acrylic signs work best in protected environments that have a reduced chance of the signs being defaced. Photopolymer could be used in all applications, especially where a more durable product is desired and where vandalism of the signs is a factor. Settings such as schools and public buildings are typical of facilities that require vandal resistant signs.

Photopolymers: Transforming Tactile Signage

Signs constructed of photopolymer material provide a very durable form of tactile signage with raised text and braille which is integral to the sign face, offers added resistance in areas where vandalism could be an issue and utilizes many finish options to supply unique, long lasting products.

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Nova Polymers is Our Choice for Photopolymer Signs

Park Place is an industry leader in the production of photopolymer sign products and we recommend the use of Nova materials for all photopolymer applications. Nova photopolymer products provide a long lasting, durable sign that allows for many attractive finish options.