Identia: A solution to your interior signage problem

Although many interior sign projects include detailed drawings and specifications, we have all faced situations where a client has no clear direction or idea of the type of signage that is required for their building. Park Place’s standard sign system, Identia, provides many different style options with detailed drawings and specifications to provide a solution to the problems created when not enough information is available.

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Identia: The no-nonsense interior sign system.

To meet the many requests for standard interior sign products when no design drawings or specifications are provided, choose Identia. The Identia Sign System is a collection of ADA plaques, changeable insert signs, and other interior signs – including flag mount and overhead signs.

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Park Place to produce the Identia Sign System

Customers have long used Park Place as their wholesale supplier for high quality ADA compliant and interior architectural signage built to the customer’s drawing and specifications. To meet the many requests for standard interior sign products for use when no specific design or specifications are provided, Park Place introduces Identia.

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