Dimensional letters and logos by Park Place? Who knew?

Although well known for ADA and interior wayfinding signage, Park Place also manufactures dimensional letters and logos. The same techniques and equipment that we use to fabricate our high quality interior signage is utilized to supply nicely finished letters and logos. Acrylic, PVC and foam materials can be combined with wood and metal laminate elements to create unique and attractive letters and signs for lobby/entrance identification, display letters, donor recognition panels and many other applications.

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Identia: The no-nonsense interior sign system.

To meet the many requests for standard interior sign products when no design drawings or specifications are provided, choose Identia. The Identia Sign System is a collection of ADA plaques, changeable insert signs, and other interior signs – including flag mount and overhead signs.

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Park Place to produce the Identia Sign System

Customers have long used Park Place as their wholesale supplier for high quality ADA compliant and interior architectural signage built to the customer’s drawing and specifications. To meet the many requests for standard interior sign products for use when no specific design or specifications are provided, Park Place introduces Identia.

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