Identia: A solution to your interior signage problem

Although many interior sign projects include detailed drawings and specifications, we have all faced situations where a client has no clear direction or idea of the type of signage that is required for their building. Park Place’s standard sign system, Identia, provides many different style options with detailed drawings and specifications to provide a solution to the problems created when not enough information is available.

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Photopolymers: Transforming Tactile Signage

Signs constructed of photopolymer material provide a very durable form of tactile signage with raised text and braille which is integral to the sign face, offers added resistance in areas where vandalism could be an issue and utilizes many finish options to supply unique, long lasting products.

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ADA Regulations: The Non-Compliance Zone

ADA signs are designed, specified, and fabricated every day. Some are done the right way and well, others are not. The truth is that the guidelines for ADA signs are not complicated. There are a few key aspects that all ADA signs must comply with and a few simple rules that must be followed. The following article recently appeared in Sign Builders Magazine and was written by Mike Santos, Director of Marketing at Nova Polymers. Nova is a longtime vendor/partner of Park Place and is very active in providing ADA education to the sign industry. Nova photopolymer material is the material of choice for all Park Place photopolymer projects and we are a preferred Nova fabricator.

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