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Are You Quoting the Right Sign?

During conversations at the recent ISA show in Las Vegas, many Park Place customers discussed numerous opportunities to provide interior sign quotations to their clients. When discussing individual projects it was clear that some advantages could have been gained with slight changes to the type of product designed and quoted. It also became obvious that education and training would be helpful in gaining a better understanding of ADA regulations along with the types of materials available for sign fabrication.
Although Park Place produces interior sign products using a variety of different plastic, metal and laminate materials, the bulk of the signage that is produced utilizes acrylic or photopolymer materials. Many different attractive sign finishes can be achieved by applying a painted finish and incorporating direct applied digital printing in both surface applied and subsurface applications to both acrylic and photopolymer. ADA regulations require a non-glare surface finish on any sign to aid in the readability for a site impaired facility visitor. The signs should also incorporate the use of high contrast colors that make the signs easier to recognize and read. Both acrylic and photopolymer materials can be easily finished to achieve optimum results. Our staff at Park Place has many years of experience quoting interior signs projects. We can assist you during the quotation process to insure that the sign finish, material and construction is the most effective, efficient and durable to meet your clients specifications. In many cases we can identify changes that can provide a competitive advantage and help win a prospective project. Contact Park Place to discuss your next project.