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A Guide To Successful ADA Installations

One of the most critical parts of supplying a project with interior signage is the installation process. Following are few suggestions to help you in preparing for a successful installation for your customer: A pre-manufacturing site survey is a good starting point in preparing for an installation. Surveys that can be accomplished before submitting a bid for the project can answer many questions and improve the accuracy of your final bid. It can also ensure that the best ADA compliant mounting methods are used. During this inspection process any interference issues that do not meet standard mounting methods can be addressed. The required practice of a sign being placed on a wall adjacent to the latch side of the door may not be possible because of double door configurations, doors frames that include side glass, a lack of necessary wall space, or other factors that could require alternate mounting considerations. Also, proposed sign installation areas that provide less than eight inches in width may require increased sign sizes to allow for longer words like ‘administration’ or ‘housekeeping’. Any deviations from standard ADA sign mounting regulations should be reviewed with the facility manager or representative along with the building inspector, Fire Marshall or the local authority responsible for issuing the building’s Certificate of Occupancy. During the site review you will also be able to determine if “backers” will be required to hide mounting adhesive on any glass surfaces or if alternate mounting methods for stucco coated walls or for walls covered with commercial grade vinyl wallpaper may be necessary (The use of silicone adhesive in addition to standard double stick tape may be necessary). Having the proper tools for the installation of ADA signs will also aid in an easier, quicker installation. These items will include levels, tape measures, adjustable sign mounting jigs (adjustable for signs of various sizes), carts, message schedules, floor plans and any other paperwork related to the job. Park Place also recommends a pre-installation walk-thru with a facility representative where signs are placed on the floor or in the general area of mounting. Each sign is then reviewed to confirm that the proposed location is correct for installation. The process of clarifying all the details before signs are mounted will speed the installation and provide your customer with a well-executed, code compliant project.