.25” surface painted acrylic with digitally printed surface graphics and .25” acrylic wall standoff plate.
Black acrylic baseplate with Chemetal laminate face, laser cut, surface painted .25” acrylic letters applied to face of sign with decorative satin silver standoff caps.
.25” thick painted laser cut acrylic letters.
.5” thick acrylic back with Wilson Art laminate face. .5” thick surface painted acrylic letters on subsurface printed .25” P95 acrylic.
.5” thick painted acrylic backplate, letters and graphics.
.5” router cut, surface painted aluminum with stud mounting.
.5” thick acrylic painted black with laminated Chemetal face.
.5" surface painted PVC letters installed on surface painted .5" PVC back plate.
Dimensional Berkshire Hathaway
Dimensional Sign close up