ADA Sign Layout Basics

  1. TEXT – .625″ minimum or 2″ maximum in height, raised .0325″ from sign surface. All text to be uppercase and utilize sans serif style font. .125″ spacing between letters. Logos and non-vital information are exempt from rules.
  2. BRAILLE – Grade 2 (contracted or abbreviated). Braille diameter to be .059″ to .063″ at base of dot.
  3. COLOR CONTRAST AND SIGN SURFACE – Light characters on dark background or dark characters on light background, 70% contrast. Surface finish to be non-glare/matte.
  4. LINE SPACING – 35% min. or 70% max. of character height. A .625″ letter height requires a space between lines of text of .218″ min. or .4375″ max.




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